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About Ken

Ken Pomella is a seasoned entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of leading successful technology-driven ventures. His passion for innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence has been the driving force behind his storied career.

With a deep understanding of technology and a keen eye for business opportunities, Ken has consistently created value for stakeholders across various technology sectors. His multifaceted expertise is recognized globally, cementing his position as a respected figure in the world of entrepreneurship and technology.


Entrepreneurial Journey

Ken’s journey as an entrepreneur is marked by a string of successful ventures that have left a significant impact on the technology industry. His most notable achievement to date is the establishment and growth of RevStar, a technology consulting firm that has transformed businesses across the globe. Ken's leadership and strategic vision have been integral to RevStar's success, positioning it as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage technology for growth.



RevStar is a leading technology consulting firm founded by Ken Pomella. They specialize in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation.

Under Ken's guidance, RevStar has consistently delivered innovative solutions that drive business growth. Their approach is rooted in a deep understanding of technology trends and a commitment to delivering tangible results.

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Thought Leadership

Ken is a recognized thought leader in the field of technology. He regularly shares insights and perspectives on the latest technology trends and their implications for businesses.

Through keynote speeches, articles, and blog posts, Ken has influenced the way businesses approach technology, contributing to the broader dialogue on the future of technology and its role in business.

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